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Amun also spelled Amon, Amoun, Amen, and sometimes Imen, Egyptian Yamanu was the name of a deity, in Egyptian mythology, who became one of the most important deities in Ancient Egypt. In later years, bined with Horus into one god. The Black Gods of Ancient Egypt - Merri-Amen Republic. The Black Gods of Ancient Egypt - Merri-Amen Republic. Merri-Amen. Discover your true History with these accurate Depictions of the Ancient Egyptian Gods. Black and Beautiful. Learn the history of the Ancient Kemetic People. Never wonder again the purpose of your Gods and Goddess. Amun’s first role was as the patron saint of the ancient Egyptian city Thebes, where the ruling pharaoh and his royal family resided. Here he became joined with the sun god Ra and the two became known as the Egypt god Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra was the king of the Upper Egyptian gods and one of the most important gods in Egypt, second only to Osiris. Godchecker guide to Amun also known as Amen, the Egyptian Supreme God from Egyptian mythology. Ogdoad deity who hit the big time as Sun God of Everything.

It is possible that Amun and Amen behave like the sacred tone Aum, to call the deity. Our loving Father wanted to be certain that a suffering man was heard, whether he was in pain or hungry. Possibly we might think of the deity as a messenger. “Am. His name may also be spelled as Amon, Amoun, Ammon, Amoon, or Amen that translates into the “Hidden One” suggestive of his role as the invisible god of the wind and air. His wife and consort in the Hermopolitan worship is Amaunet. Aside from his human form,.

Amen as an affirmation to the Egyptian king of the gods should not put Christians off saying it, as in reality- what Christians call God actually represents the same thing. There are crossovers between the stories of Mother Mary and Jesus compared to Isis and Horus. Osiris and Set compared to God. The almighty god Amun personifies the Sun God and the Sun is the symbol of birth and energy. With Egypt’s prominence in the worldwide political and social scenarios, he also gained popularity as a universal god. By the end of the 25th dynasty, Amun Ra was considered as the chief god of the Nubian kingdom of Napata. God's 'Amen,' and 'Verily,' of confirmation, should ever cause the 'Amen' of acceptance and assent to leap from our lips. If He begins with that mighty word, so soon as the solemn voice has ceased its echo should rise from our hearts. 24/10/2006 · Why do Christians say Amen at the end of a prayer. Amen was an Egyptian God? There is strong evidence that the stories from the Bible are retold stories from Sumeria, Egypt and surrounds. There are a lot of similarities between the Jesus stories and stories from ancient Eygpt.

Could there be an Indian influence? There's a suggestion that 'amen' came into Christianity from India, 'Om being the traditional first name of god'. I have no idea whether there's anything in this. The Egyptian 'Temple of Ammon' is etymologically related to the Greek for sand. Says Holmyard.

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